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New technology of with short / vertical take-off and landing (STOL / VTOL) airplanes development (refresh 3 Julyl, 2003)

The successful realization of this technology will permit to decrease the air transportation cost and also the requirements to the airports and places of their location. The military aviation may receive the new possibility during military operations

New technology of "Angara" reusable launch vehicle family development (refresh 7 April, 2003)

The winner competition of scientific - innovational projects of young researchers " Flight in the future - 2004"

Russian Patent (RU 2242407 C2, RU 2242409 C2)

The suggested technology of return and reuse of boosters, which were in flight, will permit to transform "Angara" LV family of single use into reusable LV family. The new conception and technical solutions permit to avoid the reusable LV from a lot of systems, which are not typical for this vehicle, and from weight, energy, processing and operational expenses, connected with these systems.

Кольцо русских авиационных ресурсов
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